The Dallas Mavericks take a 2-1 lead in the series against the OKC Thunder.

The Dallas Mavericks take a 2-1 lead against OKC Thunder in a thrilling game. PJ Washington shines with 27 points as they secure a win.

The Dallas Mavericks take a 2-1 lead in the series against the OKC Thunder.

You won't believe the excitement that filled the air as the Dallas Mavericks took a thrilling 2-1 lead in the series against the OKC Thunder! The Mavericks fought tooth and nail, emerging victorious in an intense third game with a final score of 105-101. One player who truly shined was PJ Washington, scoring an impressive 27 points and playing a crucial role in securing their win. From the very beginning, the Mavericks displayed their dominance, with PJ Washington contributing 11 of their first 20 points. And when the going got tough, Dallas didn't back down. With an impressive 16-0 run in the third quarter, they made a stunning comeback after being down by 10 points. Thanks to the strong interior presence brought by PJ Washington and PJ Gafford, the Mavericks were able to capitalize on their advantage. But credit must also be given to Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic, who made pivotal plays during the nail-biting "mega money-time." Despite the valiant efforts of the Thunder, led by the impressive performance of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, who scored a career-high of 31 points, they ultimately fell short. With this win, the Mavericks now hold the upper hand in the series and eagerly anticipate continuing their triumphant streak.

Game Recap

The Dallas Mavericks have come out strong in their series against the OKC Thunder, taking a 2-1 lead after winning the third game with a score of 105-101. It was a thrilling match that showcased the Mavericks' skills and determination to secure a victory.

Key Players

PJ Washington was undoubtedly a standout player in the game, delivering an impressive performance that contributed significantly to the Mavericks' win. Washington scored an impressive 27 points, leading the team in scoring and making crucial plays when it mattered the most. His exceptional performance was instrumental in securing the victory for the Mavericks.

Additionally, Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic also played pivotal roles in the game, showing their skill and leadership on the court. Both players made crucial plays during the intense moments of the game, particularly in what's often referred to as the "mega money-time," the final minutes where games are often decided. Their contributions were vital to the Mavericks' success and should not be overlooked.

Strong Start

The Dallas Mavericks made an incredible start to the game, showing their determination to seize control early on. PJ Washington showcased his scoring abilities right from the beginning, contributing 11 of the Mavericks' first 20 points. Washington's excellent start set the tone for the team, highlighting his offensive prowess and setting the stage for a thrilling game ahead.

Comeback in Third Quarter

Despite facing an early deficit, the Mavericks showed resilience and determination in the third quarter, mounting an impressive comeback. With a 16-0 run, the team turned the tide of the game after being down by 10 points. This surge in momentum was fueled by the Mavericks' relentless effort on both ends of the court, showcasing their never-give-up attitude and ability to make crucial adjustments during the game. The third-quarter comeback proved to be a turning point in the game and ultimately led the Mavericks to victory.

Interior Presence

One key factor that played a significant role in the Mavericks' success was their strong interior presence. PJ Washington and PJ Gafford made notable contributions in the interior, utilizing their size and skills to dominate in the paint. Washington and Gafford's presence inside the key provided the Mavericks with a distinct advantage, allowing them to control the boards and convert their offensive opportunities. Their contributions were invaluable in keeping the Thunder at bay and securing the win for the Mavericks.

Crucial Plays

In high-stakes games like this one, it's the crucial plays that often make the difference between victory and defeat. Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic stepped up to the challenge and delivered when it mattered the most. Both players displayed their exceptional skills and composure during the intense moments of the game, executing critical plays that swung the momentum in favor of the Mavericks. Their ability to perform under pressure was key to the team's success, and their contributions should not be underestimated.

Strong Fight by OKC Thunder

While the Dallas Mavericks emerged victorious, credit must be given to the OKC Thunder for putting up a strong fight throughout the game. Led by Shai Gilgeous-Alexander's impressive performance, scoring 31 points, the Thunder showcased their resilience and competitive spirit. Gilgeous-Alexander's scoring output was exceptional and kept the Thunder in the game until the final moments. Although they fell short in this game, the Thunder's performance is a testament to their talent and determination.

Mavericks' Advantage

With their win in the third game of the series, the Dallas Mavericks now have the advantage over the OKC Thunder. The team is riding a wave of momentum and looks to continue their winning streak as they move forward in the series. The Mavericks' strong performance and ability to make crucial plays when it matters most demonstrate their potential to come out on top. As the series progresses, it will be interesting to see how the Mavericks build upon their advantage and work towards securing a spot in the next round.