Vertical rebounding, height, shooting... Bronny James' numbers at the Draft Combine

Discover the numbers and images of Bronny James at the Draft Combine. Despite concerns about his height, he showcased his shooting skills and athleticism with impressive three-point shooting and a remarkable vertical leap. Find out how these numbers may impact his draft prospects.

Vertical rebounding, height, shooting... Bronny James' numbers at the Draft Combine

In a recent article titled "D├ętente, taille, shoot... Les chiffres et les images de Bronny James au Draft Combine," the focus is on the performance of Bronny James, the son of NBA superstar LeBron James, at the Draft Combine. Despite concerns about his height without shoes, which measured at 1.85 meters, Bronny showcased his shooting skills and athleticism during the event. Notably, he achieved an impressive 19 out of 25 three-point shots, including a perfect 12 consecutive makes. Additionally, his vertical leap reached a remarkable 81 centimeters and he displayed a wingspan of two meters. However, these numbers were slightly overshadowed by his shorter height without shoes, which was measured at 1.86 meters. Nevertheless, with his medical clearance from the NBA, Bronny James continues to attract attention and anticipation as he makes his way towards the draft.

Bronny James at the Draft Combine

Introduction to Bronny James

Bronny James, the son of NBA superstar LeBron James, recently participated in the Draft Combine, a gathering organized by the NBA to assess the skills and physical attributes of aspiring basketball players before the NBA Draft. As one of the most highly anticipated prospects, Bronny's performance at the Draft Combine garnered significant attention from fans, scouts, and basketball enthusiasts alike.

Participation in the Draft Combine

Despite being just 19 years old, Bronny James received medical clearance to participate in the Draft Combine. This allowed him to showcase his talents and abilities in front of NBA personnel, who were eager to evaluate his potential as an NBA player. Bronny's participation in the event provided a valuable opportunity for teams to assess his skill set and determine his fit within their respective organizations.

Shooting Performance

One aspect of Bronny James' game that stood out during the Draft Combine was his impressive shooting performance. He displayed a remarkable 3-point percentage, making 19 out of 25 attempts from beyond the arc. What was particularly noteworthy was his consistency, as he made 12 consecutive shots in a shooting drill. However, it is important to note that these shooting drills did not involve any defensive pressure, which could provide a different context for his shooting ability in a real game situation.

Physical Attributes

Bronny James' physical attributes were also a topic of discussion during the Draft Combine. His vertical jump, wingspan, and height without shoes were measured to provide a comprehensive understanding of his physical capabilities on the court.

Vertical Jump

Bronny James showcased his impressive vertical jump during the Draft Combine. With a standing vertical jump of 81 centimeters, he demonstrated his ability to elevate off the ground. When given some momentum, his vertical jump increased to nearly 103 centimeters. This performance ranked him fourth overall in vertical jump performance during the combine, with the highest jump recorded at 106 centimeters.


Another significant physical attribute measured during the Draft Combine was Bronny James' wingspan. His wingspan was measured at two meters, and when he extended his arms without jumping, it reached a length of 2.51 meters. This wingspan measurement indicates his potential as a disruptive defender and his ability to contest shots effectively.

Height without Shoes

One aspect that raised some concerns during the Draft Combine was Bronny James' height without shoes. The measurement of his height without shoes was recorded at 1.86 meters, which is significantly shorter than the 1.93 meters that were previously reported during his time in NCAA. It is important to note that there may be discrepancies in measurement methods, as different organizations might measure players with or without shoes. Nonetheless, this difference in height could potentially impact his draft prospects.

Comparison to NCAA Measurements

The difference in Bronny James' height measurement at the Draft Combine compared to his reported height during his NCAA career has raised questions about the accuracy of height measurements in basketball. While the variation may be due to measurement methods, it is essential for teams to evaluate how this disparity could affect his performance and role at the professional level.

Number of NBA Players with Similar Height

According to the NBA's official website, there are only 36 players in the league who are listed at a height of 1.88 meters or shorter. While this includes some notable stars, it also consists of many undrafted players. Considering Bronny James' measured height without shoes falls below this threshold at 1.86 meters, it is crucial to examine how this might impact his chances of being drafted and finding success in the NBA.

Implications for Bronny James' Draft Prospects

Bronny James' performance at the Draft Combine showcased his shooting prowess and impressive athleticism. However, the discrepancy in his measured height compared to his reported height in NCAA raises questions about his physical attributes. While height is just one factor in evaluating a player's potential, it is an essential aspect that teams consider when making draft selections.

Ultimately, Bronny James' draft prospects will depend on various factors, including his skill development, basketball IQ, and how he continues to grow and mature as a player. The NBA Draft is a highly competitive and unpredictable process, and teams will assess Bronny's strengths, weaknesses, and potential fit within their rosters. As he continues to showcase his talents, it will be intriguing to see how NBA teams evaluate his draft stock and whether they view him as a valuable asset for their organizations.