An impressive NBA Comeback, Memphis regains the lead in the series

An impressive NBA Comeback, Memphis regains the lead in the series

The Memphis Grizzlies did the impossible on Friday night as they fought back from all of 26 points down, Memphis regains the lead now scoring 2-1 in their playoff series against the San Antonio Spurs with a 104-95 win at FedExForum.

It was a 26-point lead in a playoff game, which had only been overcome 32 times in NBA history. According to Wikipedia , it had only been overcome twice since that 2002 Celtics team.

Maybe it was just the play of the Grizzlies' stars. Neither JaMychal Green (20 points, 12 rebounds) nor Mike Conley (21 points on 10 shots) played particularly well in the first half, but each found a way to make a huge impact. Conley made some incredibly clutch shots down the stretch and Green was everywhere with great defense and rebounding. Both played really well in the second half and it was ultimately able to not only win the game, but to help Memphis avoid getting swept by their number eight seed in a potential playoff preview.

If you've ever been to a Grizzlies game, you know that the crowd at FedEx Forum is one of the friendliest in the NBA. But sometimes, fans of other teams will show up and think they can heckle our players—and it never ends well for them.

The Timberwolves fans at Target Center on Monday night were no exception.

As soon as JA Morant took the court, he was greeted by a chorus of boos from Minnesota fans. And we'll admit: it was pretty funny to see how much they wanted to make him feel unwelcome. Even when he was playing defense against star players like Patrick Beverley, Anthony Edwards and D'Angelo Russell, it seemed like every time Morant had one of them one-on-one in an isolation, the crowd would start cheering—as if they thought their guy would absolutely destroy our star point guard.

But there's a reason Morant has been getting MVP chants on the road this season. The dude is a beast. And it's not just because he can dunk the ball with ease, or because he has a mean crossover—it's because he never gives up!