Jordan Tatum 1: Jayson Tatum's First Signature Shoe Revolutionizes the Basketball Sneaker Game

The Jordan Tatum 1 - Jayson Tatum's first-ever signature shoe - has officially been unveiled by Jordan Brand, promising to revolutionize the basketball sneaker world. With an innovative design and impressive technical features, the Tatum 1 is designed for the new generation of basketball players, offering lightweight performance and style.

In September 2022, news broke that Boston Celtics superstar Jayson Tatum would receive his first career shoe with Jordan Brand in 2023. The wait is finally over: the Jordan Tatum 1 has been officially presented by the brand and the player on his social media. We're here to present the first official details about the Tatum 1!

Jordan Tatum 1: First Official Images

Jayson Tatum, who was just named MVP of the 2023 NBA All-Star Game while scoring 55 points (an All-Star Game record), made a stunning debut for the official presentation of his first signature shoe, the Jordan Tatum 1!

Just before the All-Star Game, Jordan Brand and Jayson Tatum shared the first official images of the Tatum 1 for the first time. As is often the case, the pair had already been spotted in numerous leaks. But JT's outstanding performance during the game is sure to please the Jumpman brand, as it brings great exposure to the shoe! We're now diving into the first official information about the Tatum 1.

Jordan Tatum 1: What Are the First Official Colorways?

In its press release, Jordan Brand unveiled the first four colorways of the Tatum 1, which we present without further ado: "Pink Lemon," "Barber Shop," "St Louis," and "Zoo."

In fact, it was with the Tatum 1 Zoo and St Louis on his feet that JT played the All-Star Game the previous night, during which he set a new historical record by scoring 55 points and becoming the All-Star Game MVP. Overall, the Jordan Tatum 1 is a high-top shoe with an unconventional design, featuring a large open space in its outsole, somewhat reminiscent of the Zoom GT Jump but even more noticeable. We can't wait to get our hands on the pair to give you our thoughts on its design. Now let's move on to the performance aspect of the Tatum 1.

Jordan Tatum 1: What Are the Technical Features?

Jordan Brand has released the following information about the technical features of the Jordan Tatum 1:

  • It's the lightest performance shoe of the season for Jordan Brand
  • A Zoom Air unit ensures the shoe's energy return

Continuing the Features and Release Details

  • The shoe caters to the new generation of basketball players, boasting several specific technical features: lightweight construction, TPU inserts, new foam promoting "court-feeling," an innovative traction system, and a mesh upper.

We'll know more when we have the opportunity to test the pair in-game!

Jayson Tatum asserts that he played a significant role in the technical development of the Tatum 1 and even spoke in Jordan Brand's press release:

"I wanted fans to feel connected to me! I remember being a kid and going to stores to see the signature shoes of my favorite players. When I put on a pair, I felt closer to those players. So, I wanted this shoe to represent a bridge between my fans and me, bringing us closer together."


It's official: the Jordan Tatum 1 will be available starting April 7, 2023, in the United States, in all sizes and at a price that should be around €120 (approximately $135). The Tatum 1 is expected to follow soon after in the French market. In the meantime, we can now watch the Boston Celtics superstar sporting the Tatum 1 on his feet during the remainder of the regular season and the NBA playoffs.

Final Thoughts

The Jordan Tatum 1 has generated a lot of buzz, thanks to its innovative design, impressive technical features, and the star power of Jayson Tatum. With the official unveiling and the release date around the corner, fans and sneaker enthusiasts alike are eager to get their hands on this revolutionary shoe. As the basketball shoe market continues to evolve, the Tatum 1 is poised to make a significant impact, becoming a popular choice for players and fans who want to elevate their game and stay connected to their favorite athlete. Don't miss the chance to grab a pair of these groundbreaking sneakers on April 7th!