How Much Does Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich Make in NBA?

Gregg Popovich is one of the highest paid coaches in the NBA. He makes about $11 million per year as head coach of the San Antonio Spurs.

Popovich became head coach of the Spurs in 1996 and has led them to five NBA championships. As a result, he's widely regarded as one of the greatest coaches in NBA history.

In addition to his salary from being an NBA coach, Popovich also earns money from outside sources such as endorsements with companies such as Nike and Gatorade. The total amount that Gregg Popovich makes each year is estimated at $20 million by Celebrity Net Worth


Popovich was born on January 28, 1949, in East Chicago, Indiana to his parents Jim Popovich and Doris Popovich. He was raised by his parents who had a strong influence on him. His mother taught him how to be kind and generous while his father taught him how to be patient and humble.

His passion for basketball started when he was 13 years old when he played for his high school team at Merrillville High School where he became an All-State player three times: 1968-69, 1969-70, 1970–71 seasons with a total of 35 games played scoring 25 points per game average 10 rebounds per game 4 assists per game with 4 blocks per game 1 steal per game 2 free throws made per game with 0 fouls committed per game.

He attended University of Kansas from which he graduated from in 1970 with a Bachelor's degree

Greg Popovich's career

Popovich’s coaching career began in 1973 when he was appointed as the assistant coach of Air Force Academy working under head coach Hank Egan. He served in that capacity for six years. In 1979, Popovich left the Air Force team to become the head coach of Pomona-Pitzer men’s basketball team. He will remain there until 1988. There, he led the team to its first outright title in 68 years.

In 1988, Gregg left for Antonio Spurs to work under Coach Larry Brown as a lead assistant coach. He worked there until 1992, when the owner of Spurs, Red McCombs fired the entire coaching staff. Popovich briefly became an assistant to Don Nelson at the Golden State Warriors in 1992.

It was not until 1995 when Gregg Popovich became head coach of San Antonio Spurs and began his own legendary career as one of the greatest coaches ever seen in sports history!