The Best Basketball BAll On The Market: Spalding NBA Grip Control

The Spalding NBA Grip Control is our number one choice, because it offers high quality leather that resists wear and tear and provides a perfect grip, even when playing indoors. It's also a great choice if you want to play outside or in an indoor court—the ball will hold up well no matter what surface it's on.

Why is this ball so special? Well, it's ideal ergonomics, durability and resistance make it a great partner on the court. It offers optimal control over your dribbling and shooting, which you can use to get that perfect shot every time. And it's not just good for playing indoors—you can take your game outside with this ball too! And even when you're playing outdoors, this ball will still provide exceptional grip quality thanks to its extremely tough yet flexible premium composite leather construction.

And if that weren't enough, this ball has 4 layers of protection that make it stand out from the crowd: an air-holding bladder made from butyl rubber; a wound nylon coil that gives structure and longevity to your balloon; an inner latex layer that helps protect against moisture; and an outer cover made from premium leather that gives your ball a smooth feel as well as maximum grip in any condition.

The only real drawback of this Spalding NBA is probably its price. Indeed, as it is a high-end product suitable for international competitions, it may not be within the reach of all budgets.

However, you can get some discounts by buying online or at your local store.