Most Valuable NBA Franchises in the season 2021-22

Within the electrifying realm of the National Basketball Association, the spectacular showcase of athletic prowess on the court is mirrored by the immense financial stature off it. The 2021-22 season has shattered the glass ceiling, seeing three franchises ascend beyond the esteemed $5 billion valuation for the first time in history. The New York Knicks, Golden State Warriors, and the Los Angeles Lakers, have etched their names atop this fiscal Olympus, a testament to their prosperous television deals and revenue-generating arenas.

This year, however, a cloud of disparity looms over the list. Several franchises have been ensnared in a brutal web of injuries, while others grapple with a decline in performance following the loss of key players. The twist of fortune has invariably impacted their on-court performance but hasn't undermined their financial stability.

Remarkably, even the pandemic's deleterious impact on the 2020-21 season, which witnessed eerily desolate arenas, failed to deter the fiscal trajectory of these franchises. According to Forbes, the average value of an NBA franchise witnessed a resounding 13% increase, elevating the figure to an impressive $2.48 billion.

Here is the complete ranking by Forbes:

  1. Knicks, estimated at a dazzling $5.8 billion
  2. Warriors, valued at a remarkable $5.6 billion
  3. Lakers, weighing in at a robust $5.5 billion
  4. Bulls, coming in at $3.65 billion
  5. Celtics, tallying up to $3.55 billion
  6. Clippers, amounting to $3.3 billion
  7. Nets, evaluated at $3.2 billion
  8. Rockets, boasting a value of $2.75 billion
  9. Mavericks, marked at $2.7 billion
  10. Raptors, standing at $2.48 billion
  11. 76ers, measured at $2.45 billion
  12. Heat, assessed at $2.3 billion
  13. Trail Blazers, estimated at $2.05 billion
  14. Kings, accounting for $2 billion
  15. Spurs, valued at $1.98 billion
  16. Wizards, tallying up to $1.93 billion
  17. Bucks, evaluated at $1.9 billion
  18. Suns, appraised at $1.8 billion
  19. Jazz, standing at $1.75 billion
  20. Nuggets, marked at $1.73 billion
  21. Hawks, gauged at $1.68 billion
  22. Pacers, assessed at $1.67 billion
  23. Cavaliers, accounted for $1.65 billion
  24. Magic, coming in at $1.64 billion
  25. Thunder, measuring up to $1.63 billion
  26. Pistons, valued at $1.58 billion
  27. Hornets, estimating at $1.575 billion
  28. Timberwolves, standing at $1.55 billion
  29. Pelicans, marking up to $1.53 billion
  30. Grizzlies, closing the list at $1.5 billion.