Why Every Team In The NBA Wants Victor Wembanyama?

Victor Wembanyama has been a very notable basketball player since he was born. At 18, he already plays in the French League and is sharing the floor with adults and full-grown men. What’s more interesting about him is that he isn’t even American! He was born in La Chesnay, France and grew up training for Judo and playing football and basketball. Ever since then, Wembanyama’s growth spurt made him a very notable basketball player.

Ever since then, Wembanyama’s growth spurt made him a very notable basketball player. At a very young age, he is already sharing the floor with adults and full-grown men in the French League. It may be very early to say that he would go first in the 2023 NBA draft, but, as the ratings are going, every team would want to take him.

But why?

The main reason is because he can play multiple positions on the court. He has been playing as a center or power forward for most of his career, but he also has played as a point guard before and even as a shooting guard while on loan at Marseille. This versatility makes him a valuable asset on any team because he could fill any hole that needs filling right away.

Secondly, Wembanyama is an elite defender. He has always been one of the best defenders in Europe since his time in Benfica’s youth academy until now when he plays for Tottenham Hotspur. With his quick feet and strong hands, he’s able to shut down any other player on offense or defense without much effort from him at all!

Lastly, Victor Wembanyama has proven himself over time that he can be efficient.

He is currently listed at 200 pounds which is far below the perfect weight for an NBA 7-footer. However, this is something that can be easily fixed by adding more muscle to his body. Currently, he is being trained by his NBA team to develop post moves which will help him learn new tricks that will help him go against other big men in the league like Nikola Jokic, Joel Embiid, Giannis Antetokounmpo and many others who are all around or taller than Wembanyama himself (Antetokounmpo stands at 6'11").

Wembanyama is an extremely tall player, so it's no surprise that many teams want to draft him. He has great size and can block shots, which makes him an asset on defense. But what makes him stand out even more is his ability to shoot from distance and make plays on offense.

He has a good jumper and can score easily against smaller players due to his height advantage over them. He also has a strong post game that allows him to score inside or outside depending on how he wants to attack his opponent.

However, there are some weaknesses about Wembanyama's game that need improvement before he can become an All-Star player in this league:

His lack of strength means that other teams will be able to overpower him easily if they get close enough on defense; this will lead them into scoring easy baskets instead of forcing Wembanyama into bad shots from long distance away from the hoop.